As you may or may not know, the common and modern porch – whether installed in the front, to the side or to the back of the house – has a long way. As a design element for the home, it has ancient roots: in the ancient French porch derived from the Latin porches, derived in turn from porta (passage). Its function throughout the centuries and particularly in modern times has largely differed in its location. In Britain, for example, porches became fashionable in medieval Catholic churches: built in stone sometimes in wood and usually situated on the west or on the south side of the building used as a shelter For liturgical purposes. For much less religious purposes, Today the porch is a frequent interior or exterior addition in the design of a home, serving aesthetically and functionally in homes all over the world. In different sizes and shapes, styles and trends, but keeping something in common: your need for good and correct lighting.

Today in Frederickporches.com we focus our attention – not only on the art of the terrace of the house – but in the wonderful shapes and styles in which we can illuminate them. Take a look at these examples.

  1. The Power Of Light

When it comes to lighting, much of the balance is reduced to the style of the accessories used and the context in which they are placed. However, before reaching that point, it is essential to take into account the strength and tone of the light source. What kind of bulbs are we using? Fluorescent, LED or Halogen? What level of power are we using? Power is a very important point: if it is too low you will be suffering from lack of light, if it is too high you will need to wear sunglasses at night to be able to read a book.

Some spaces need more, others deserve a more romantic treatment. Find the one that works for you and see for it as Pont Design does in this space.

  1. Style And Design

Of course do not neglect the importance of the mixture of style and design. Once you have determined the power of light, you will have a clearer idea of ​​the lighting style you require. In this example of The Garage Door Center Limited we see that they have opted for a traditional wall lamp evoking the onion lamps of the 1800s: warm and cozy at night, bright, strong and with character.

It is worth mentioning that power and strength can be very difficult to distinguish regardless of style and design – what works for this lamp will not do so in a more modern or less exposed style. In this case you will have to consider the lighting style and power level together, do not lose sight of it. If you’re not sure what style or design to choose, approach a professional for tips and tricks.

  1. Weather Resistant

The most common concept of a porch is the one that greets us unobstructed in a front door or in the back terrace, many porches are closed and are compensated with textiles, or as we can see in this case with large glass windows.

One can see the porch in this context of semi exterior protected from outside elements, but without being part of the interior. Neither inside nor outside, how can we correctly illuminate this? It can be a bit difficult. Ultimately, it is a good idea to work with the environment and size of your porch or terrace: as we can see the ceiling lamps are weather resistant and at the same time are aesthetically pleasing, for an interior makes the space feel cozy.

  1. Eco Friendly

Here we have a fantastic example of how a porch can be environmentally friendly as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This facility offers a clear, cozy and picturesque area next to the house, which can be accessed through the sliding doors. Lush vegetation and an outdoor wood decoraccion room.

During the day, the afternoon enjoying the sun, but what about at night? A single beetle-like lamp placed on the brick wall creates a basic, discreet light source to keep things to a minimum.

  1. Location

Just like in real estate, it’s all about location, so is the porch lighting. Finding the right lighting – the combination of choice of lights, power, style and design – can all come down if the position of the lights do not think well.

Get the right reflections and the direct light where we need it. As we see in this example of Ornela Lenci Architecture, a wide and wide open porch needs a good ray of light and receives it through the centrally placed ceiling lamp, it looks down, firmly lined up for maximum illumination when needed. The position simply cannot be ignored.

  1. Motion Sensor

There are really so many tricks and tips when it comes to all facets of interior and exterior design and in the world of lighting is no different. Choosing the right style, power and placement of porch lights is key, but what about the function of the lights? If you are looking for that extra element of safety in your home why not consider including one of modern technology in lamps with a clean motion sensor? It is an orderly way to shed light at night when you are not in the house, giving the impression that you are busy and safe and eliminate wasting time turning on the switches.