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Patio Builder Frederick

multi-level patio builderDo you already have a vision for your perfect patio? We have several customers come to us with an idea they’ve seen somewhere in person or even online. Let us make your vision a reality. Our patio construction will meet the highest quality while ensuring we stay within your budget.

If you’re looking for both a deck and patio options, we can do both for a fraction of the cost of having two contractors come to your home.


Here is a basic summary of the typical types of patio materials used, and we’ve added some of our own notes.

​Stone options and stone patio construction are very popular because of their beauty and ‘curb appeal’. Although they are typically more expensive than concrete structures, stone offers a lot of flexibility. There are several stone products we commonly use; cobblestone, flagstone and granite.

ConsStone costs more to install because of the time it takes to lay down. Each piece has to first be matched with a location and then raised or lowered to make it level. A good recommendation is to let the materials you already have on the house dictate the type of material used in a patio.

Patio Builder Frederick



    Want to build a beautiful brick construction for that Colonial look? Brick is the charming and timeless choice for many who want that “old school” feel.

    Cons: Brick is porous so it retains moisture. In freezing weather, it’ll crack. In shady areas, you may experience slippery moss growth.


    Concrete paver construction offers a multitude of style choices — from classic to modern —that are beautifully suited to a variety of patios, outdoor kitchens/grills and pool areas and offers many choices for customers. Classic style pavers that look like brick are a popular choice among traditional and historic style homes because it is the ideal paving material if you want to create an established and authentic look. The modern style — with irregular shapes and precision cuts — can be used in up-to-date landscapes as it is easy to adapt for use in more contemporary designs.

    Cons: There isn’t much in the “cons” bucket regarding pacers. Paving stoned patios can now been seen even within high-end homes. If they crack or break, they are relatively easy to replace.


    Regardless of which company you choose to build your dream patio; understanding the material types, foundations, and building process highly reduces your stress and give you piece of mind that your builder is doing the right thing.

    Hardscape Construction

    Hardscape construction isn’t just limited to planters and retaining walls, there are many creative ideas out there. Typically, if you can think of it, we can build it!

    Take some time and do some hardscape searches. There are thousands of hardscape ideas out on the internet. From raised beds to retaining walls. From fire pits to outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. Hardscape construction can complement your existing structure and blend your landscape seamlessly together.

    When you are ready to install your custom Patio and/or Deck, Porch & Patio of Frederick is here to answer all of your question and help provide the most elegant and beautiful product that meets your budget.