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Screened-in porch builderPorch & Patio of Frederick is your home porch construction experts. Are you in need to replace your current porch? Porch replacement makes many contractors and customers cringe, but we’ll work closely with you to help remove stress by laying out the expectation and get you on a clear path to replacing your existing porch.

When a customer comes to us in need of a porch replacement, we understand the level of stress this often causes. Typically we find that there is something wrong with the existing design and we must go into the build with open eyes to first understand the situation, identify possible consequences due to the failure, and finally try to keep it positive with our recommendations.

Other than leaks causing a slew of problems with housing facades, the most work intensive problem faced is replacing the existing footers. Codes have changed over the years and there’s just no easy way to tell what the previous builder did. Because of this, every reputable builder will insist that the footers be taken out before the new structure can be built. Please try not to panic when you hear this. We’ve got to build to existing code.

Are you on the market for a new porch? Do you already have front porch ideas? Are you interested in an open porch, portico, covered porch, farmer’s porch, screened porch, or even a three season porch? If you’re in need of replacing or building a new porch for your home, Porch & Patio of Frederick is an expert porch builder!



Common Porch Types

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    Screened in Porch Builder Frederick
    ​Here’s a list of some common types of porches seen in the Maryland area:

    • Open Porch – This is the most often seen porch with a roof that matches the house on top and columns that support this roof. Open porches can be found on the front, sides or back of a home. They often open up to a deck or have stairs leading away from the porch down to the landscape.
    • Portico – This is your smaller front entry porch that typically has steps up to the covered portico, columns and rails around the portico, and is typically just large enough to have a planter, small chair, or even a bench.
    • Farmer’s Porch – How many movies have we seen with the “older” couple sitting in their rocking chairs, enjoying their company while they enjoy a peaceful day. Farmer’s Porches often wrap around a side of a house, providing you ample room to escape the elements while providing space to host guests, enjoy a meal, or watch the little kids play. A farmer’s porch is often seen on many modern colonial styles houses.
    • Screened-in Porch – Take your open porch, and add some screens to it to protect against some of the elements and provide a little privacy. Screened in porches provide that comfortable feel of a normal porch, but without the bugs.
    • Three Season Porch – One level up from a Screened-in Porch. Add single pane sliding glass or plexiglass windows, power, and sometimes even insulation to make this porch suitable for most seasons. There is a catch though, remember that three season porches are not considered part of the house square footage and an outdoor feature. If you want something truly closed off that provides a bump to your housing square footage, check out our sunrooms!

    Regardless of which type of porch you vision for your future build, we at Porch & Patio of Frederick are ready and standing by to make your dream a reality. We’re expert porch builders and porch replacement contractors. Give us a call today and let’s see what we can do for you.