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Shade Structures

Stone Feature BuilderMost outdoor shade structures are some sort of variation or combination of a deck, patio, pergola, arbor, trellis, portico, simple roof, or gazebo that may have a slightly different name depending on where you live.

Regardless of the name or type of shade structure; they all should have the same function, provide you with an aesthetically pleasing and functional option that emphasizes your beautiful home and yard.

There are several inexpensive shade solutions for your deck or patio, from large canopies and awnings to shade alternatives and partial sun blockers. Want something more permanent? Let us design and build a beautiful structure that blends in seamlessly with your house and provides additional options such as lighting, fans, and privacy screens.

Let’s keep your deck cool and screen out harmful ultraviolet rays. Shade structures provide both comfort and protection from the elements. Even a simple pergola can significantly reduce the head on a deck.

Our expert contractors are experts in our field and ready to build you a shade structure to enhance your existing patio or deck that will be both beautiful and functional. Give us a call today and let us provide you with a free estimate.

When you are ready to install the perfect Shade Structure of your choice, Porch & Patio of Frederick is here to answer all of your question and help provide the most elegant and beautiful product that meets your budget.


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