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Sunrooms, Screened-in Porches, and Three Season Rooms


Sunroom with a beautiful viewHave a vision for a beautiful Sunroom?

A sunroom is also called a sun parlor, sun porch, or even a sun lounge. Many people get confused between sunrooms and three season porches.

A sunroom is an addition to the house. It’s considered an indoor living space with double-pane glass, climate control, and insulation. A three season porch however, is still not considered part of the home and an outdoor living area. It is enclosed with single or double-pane glass and has no climate control (other than possibly a fan). A sunroom will increase the square feet of your home, while a screened in porch or three season porch will not.

A fabulous new sunroom enhances the enjoyment of your home and improves your lifestyle, what you may not know is that it also increases the value of your home. Over time, if you invest in a superior quality sunroom, your investment comes back to you by adding value to your real estate. Typically, 100% of what you invest in your new sunroom is added on to the value of your home after just 10 years of ownership.

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    Screened in Porch and Three Season Porch

    A screened in porch or a three season porch does the same as a sunroom but doesn’t give you the climate control. It will add value to your home but without the added benefit of the additional square feet. Typically, these porches may have single pane glass and they aren’t insulated or climate controlled as you would find in a sunroom.

    We have the tools and the knowhow to build your dream sunroom, screened-in deck / screened-in porch, or a three season room that will compliment the beauty of your home.

    Here are a few snippets from an interesting article describing what features the perfect sunroom should have:

    • It needs to have comfortable seating so it’s both cozy and inviting. It needs to scream, “come sit on me!”
    • It needs to provide multiple purposes. A bookcase is just what the doc ordered to make it the perfect reading room!
    • It MUST have environmental controls. The article says that sunrooms are typically built without heading and/or a/c. It’s our belief at Porch & Patio of Frederick that this is wrong as we feel this describes a three season room. Modern sunrooms should have environmental controls.
    • Privacy shades are a nice thing if you want to have a quieter moment and windows with built in shades are functional, clean, and classy.
    • Greenery is a tough one. On one hand, you visit a sunroom to admire the greenery outside. On the other hand, my wife says that every room must have greenery. Porch & Patio of Frederick insists to go along with your wife’s recommendation.
    • A setup for entertaining is next on their list and we agree one hundred percent. How nice is it to take a guest to your private getaway where you can sit comfortably and quietly to discuss and catch up on events?

    When you are ready to design your custom Sunroom, Porch & Patio of Frederick is here to answer all of your question and help provide the most elegant and beautiful product that meets your budget.