A deck is great for enjoying what the summer offers away from the comforts that indoor spaces provide, but maintaining it is another. 

The beauty of outdoor space is its appeal. It’s pleasing to the eye. You will receive much admiration for adding such detail to your property as you expand your outdoor space by adding a balcony, patio, or installing an above ground swimming pool. 

But if you’re anything like us, after a stormy night, you might not be able to enjoy the beauty of your deck as much as usual because the worst that could happen has happened: it’s been damaged! 

So we all must remain vigilant after any stormy night because no one can stop nature from having her way with our decks afterward. But what we can do once the sun comes out again is follow certain steps so that our precious deck will be as good as new before long. 

Let’s take a look at those steps!

Start By Cleaning All Deck Items

If you have an outdoor deck exposed to rainstorms, your furniture will most likely be damaged. 

So you need to put on rubber gloves and wipe down the tabletops to get the water spots off since this is where most germs can go. You can even consider putting up plastic sheeting over immovable items so that when you’re cleaning everything, it won’t get dirty at all. 

After cleaning everything face-down on the tables, clean the exposed surfaces using bleach wipes to ensure a squeaky clean premise.

Sweep The Dirt And Debris

Clean your deck thoroughly from top to bottom, so any debris or organic matter on the surface is removed. 

This includes anything from dead leaves to dog hair and, of course, bugs that creep in after a stormy night! If you have a leaf blower, it’ll be helpful to have one for this task as it will help blow away any of that loose grass or dirt.

Well, you probably don’t want to find out firsthand what might happen cause we know how nasty some of those could be! Remember that acids build up over time over organic matter and could harm your deck – don’t worry, it won’t happen overnight! 

Clean With A Hose Or A High-pressure Cleaner

Once you have swept your deck, it’s time to rinse it off with a power washer or wash it down with an old-fashioned garden hose. 

However, keep in mind that some older decks can easily split or break apart by a high-powered cleaner. Always wear safety glasses, closed shoes, and earmuffs while cleaning the deck for precautionary measures.

Scrub The Deck With A Cleaning Solution 

Dampen the brush and pour the solution into a bucket. Make sure to follow cleaning solutions’ instructions and use an eco-friendly cleaner rather than products containing harmful chemicals (look for the term “non-toxic” and “biodegradable”) since you probably already know that home cleaning agents can be pretty dangerous when used improperly. 

Get to work at removing any stains by brushing away areas with encrusted dirt or stains. Scrub lightly yet firmly. If it seems like any stains require extra attention, you can leave the solution for 20 minutes or so to marinate then wash afterward.

Consult An Expert

Whether it is harsh summer heat or inclement winter weather, mornings can often bring some unwelcome surprises for some homeowners who may find their decks are looking worse for wear after a night of rain. 

Luckily, Frederick deck builders are more than happy to see what they can do before making this common outdoor living space usable! From uncomplicated matters to even repairing complex shade structures in Frederick, everything can be looked out for!


We hope you enjoyed our article about how to take care of your deck. As long as you follow the steps above, your deck will stay looking nice for years to come.